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November 6, 2015

Good afternoon, everyone!

On September 30, 2015, Chief Justice Nuss approved a change in the Rules Adopted By The State Board of Examiners Of Court Reporters (The CSR/CCR Board) regarding Rule 10, Sections D and E, concerning providing a rough-draft transcript in Section D and providing realtime services in Section E.

Attached to this email is also a copy of the actual revision for your records.  The requested amendments were made

(1)to bring Section D up to date in its language regarding electronic media used to deliver rough-draft transcripts, since the previous language was over 10 years old, and
(2)to provide an interim realtime page rate for those working toward their realtime certification, but who have not yet passed the CRR test.

In both sections there is now additional language requested on each page of the transcript, whether delivered electronically or on paper, indicating that, in Section D, the transcript is a rough draft – not certified, and in Section E, that the transcript is a rough draft from realtime – not certified.

The revisions in Section E will benefit those who are not yet realtime certified, but working toward that goal, who are requested to provide realtime services to litigants.  The change in this section recognizes the additional effort it takes to provide realtime services and is meant to offer encouragement to those working toward passing the CRR test.

Please keep in mind that, pursuant to the rule, realtime services provided to judges are at no charge.

The document itself may be hard to read, but the crossing out of the old language and writing in of the new language is the required format for any requested revisions brought to the Appellate Court for their consideration.

                                                            Delivered for publication by:
                                                            Sheila M. Lyons
                                                            CSR, CRR, RDR, CMRS
                                                            Realtime Systems Administrator
                                                            Member, CSR Board

See Supreme Court Rules for actual rates


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