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Over the last 15 months, it has been a distinct pleasure to serve with the members of your current KCRA board.  Those board members include Miranda Cummings, Stacey Potenza, Mary Kay Howe, Danielle Murray, Lynelle Gottschalk, Deanna Warner, Brad Sherffius, Brandy Trible, Shanna Hill, Meghan Rogers, Johanna Lynch, and your executive director, Coleen Boxberger.  Collectively, they have acted on behalf of all court reporters in Kansas, endeavoring to focus on the ground we have in common instead of the differences that challenge us.  As each task presented itself, this board of directors offered their time, experiences, opinions, ideas, mediation skills, energy, and intellect, generously and respectfully.  During the course of those encounters and exchanges, countless hours were dedicated to address the issues and concerns of KCRA’s members, reporting students, fellow court reporters in Kansas, as well as the profession and its future.  It has been a marvelous process to watch unfold and we thank KCRA’s membership for affording all of us this opportunity to be a part of the board for 2018/19.

     In August, Mary Kay Howe and I were able to attend the National Court Reporters Association convention in the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado.  Besides attending interesting class sessions and meetings, including the National Congress of State Associations (formerly known as “committee”), we had an opportunity to visit with friends and colleagues in the Mile-High City and experience a part of the West that is itself undergoing changes and experiencing challenges.  We flew into the Denver International Airport and stepped onto the A-Line train that whisked us to downtown Denver where we arrived at Union Station.  After a half-hour walk (sorry, Mary Kay) with suitcase in hand, and a quick bite, we made it to our final destination; the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Come to find out, there was a red (yes, really) mall bus that travels down 16th Street from Union Station to (you guessed it) within a block of the Hyatt.  The good news is we recalculated, made adjustments, and from that time forward, maneuvering downtown was a breeze.  It was an incredible trip packed full of information!  Thank you for the chance to represent KCRA in Denver.

     There are observations and lessons to learn no matter where you are in this world.  From my perspective, Denver is transforming its downtown area with businesses and eateries, gardens and sporting venues utilized by locals and visitors day and night.  The plan they’ve chosen to pursue enhances the experience, is user friendly, and considers the impact those changes will have on its future.  Now that is what I call “community” thinking. 

     In order to move beyond where we stand, we must look beyond where we stand and visualize the future we want in our personal and business lives.  Each of us must consider the effect those decisions will ultimately have on those who follow us.  We have an obligation to one another, whether we acknowledge it or not.  The choices we make today matter to everyone because in some way, they affect everyone.  It is our duty to educate and prepare ourselves for the future.  Without the proper tools and skills, we may not be able to serve when called upon at a time that it matters the most.  Today, we have a choice.

     Approximately six weeks from now, we will be meeting for the Kansas Court Reporters Association 2019 Convention in Wichita, Kansas.  It’s been a while since we’ve visited this wonderful city for convention in the fall, perhaps take a lovely drive through the Flint Hills to reach our destination.  I hope you will join us October 20-22, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for what promises to provide educational opportunities, CEU’s, amusing diversions and excursions, and friends and colleagues.  If you haven’t made plans to attend, please consider doing so today.  Registration and information is online at KCRA’s website, www.kcra.net, under “Upcoming Events.” 

     I thank you for your time and support and I look forward to seeing you in Wichita in the fall!

Take care. 
Jen Olsen – President
Miranda Cummings, Stacey Potenza, Mary Kay Howe, Dani Murray, Lynelle Gottschalk, Meghan Rogers, Deanna Warner, Brad Sherffius, Brandy Trible, Johanna Lynch, Shanna Hill, and Executive Director Coleen Boxberger 

"Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged.  No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere."

Consider donating to the legislative fund.   We accept payments monthly, bi-annually or annually.  We ask each individual reporter for a minimum of $75/year to help protect our profession and to have the funds available to fight for the legislative issues we need or want to fight for.  Thank you for your donation!!!

Legislative Donation goal

Goal: $7,500.00
Collected: $750.00


Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City 
Method:  Stenography
Enrollment is monthly - a self-paced program
Contact Irene Narvaez for more information

Neosho County Community College 
Method:  Stenography
Ottawa Campus 
contact Ruthanne Wark for more information
Intro to Court Reporting class beginning August 19, 2019

Peaslee Technical School 
Method:  Voice writing
Classes start January 2020 - enrollment beginning soon
Applying for WIOA funding for students
Contact Kevin Kelley for more information

Kansas City, KS Community College                                                      Method:  Stenography                                                                           A-Z Program beginning Monday, July 8, 2019, 6:30 pm                               (a great way to see if you like court reporting)                                           Full court-reporting program to begin September 9, 2019 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-9:30, teaching Mark Kislingbury's theory  - - Adult & Community Education Dept. at KCCC, 913-335-1100

National Court Reporters Association

KCRA does not endorse or recommend any school over another.


KCRA Annual Convention
October 20-22, 2019
Sunday 1:00--Tuesday 12:00
Hyatt Regency, Wichita, KS

NCRA Annual Convention & Expo
August 6-9, 2020
Orlando, Florida

NVRA Annual Convention

KCRA is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of verbatim reporting, quality services, professional ethics, and advocating continuing education, as well as the utilization of state-of-the-art technology.


October 28, 2019
May 18, 2020
October 26, 2020

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  • Jennifer Olsen, President
  • Miranda Cummings, Vice President
  • Stacey Potenza, Secretary
  • Mary Kay Howe, Treasurer
  • Dani Murray, Past President
  • Lynelle Gottschalk, Legislative Chair, Board Member
  • Meghan Rogers, Legislative Committee, Board Member
  • Shanna Hill, Board Member
  • Johanna Lynch, Board Member
  • Brad Sherffius, Board Member
  • Brandy Trible, Board Member
  • Deanna Warner, Board Member



Official court reporter

Currently resides in: Chanute, Kan.

Member since: 1989

Graduated from: American Institute of Commerce, Davenport, Iowa

Theory: StenEd

JCR | Why did you decide to enter this profession?

CRUZ | Upon completing two years of college, I had changed my major twice. That’s when my brother married a court reporter, and my mother suggested that I look into the field based on its earning potential. I had loved business classes in high school, and I really enjoyed spelling, grammar, and vocabulary as well. These are a few of the things that have helped to make court reporting a very comfortable fit for me.

JCR | What was your biggest hurdle to overcome and how did you do so?

CRUZ | It became quite evident that 225 words per minute was strictly an entry-level speed for this profession. Fortunately, Mark Kislingbury was a speaker at one of our state conventions, and I was quickly convinced that I needed to shorten my writing. I eventually joined the Magnum Steno Club, which has proven to be a fun and easy way to incorporate new ideas and methods into my writing to help me become a much stronger reporter.

JCR | What surprised you about your career?

CRUZ | I didn’t realize how challenging court reporting would be. There is a definite need to continually hone your skills.

JCR | What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?

CRUZ | It is a wonderful feeling to be able to accomplish something that you thought you couldn’t do. Successfully completing the Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) examination definitely falls in this category, and being able to participate in speed contests at national conventions with some of the top writers in the country has definitely been an added bonus.

JCR | Is there something else you’d like to share?

CRUZ | Something else I am really excited about is being the first reporter to complete the 100-Day Challenge in a Facebook practice group started by Rich Germosen. The challenge group is an excellent source of motivation and encouragement to keep reporters and students practicing.


Avoid writing word endings in a separate stroke. Use briefs for as many common words and phrases as possible. Follow a pattern or concept when choosing briefs rather than using random outlines. Use the asterisk key.

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Coleen Boxberger, KCRA Executive Director

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