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Name: Miranda L. Cummings
Certifications: Certified Court Reporter (CCR); Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR)
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  President
City: Lawrence
Current employment: Managing Court Reporter, 3rd Judicial District; Court Reporting Instructor (voice writing); Stenograph Certified Independent Training Agent
Prior board experience, if any:  Two years of board service, Vice-President 2018-2019
Professional memberships:  NVRA, KCRA


Name:  Vesta York
Certifications:  CCR-Kansas, CSR-Oklahoma, CCR-Colorado, RPR, RMR, CRR
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Vice-President
City: Wichita
Current employment:  York Reporting Company
Prior board experience, if any:  KCRA Secretary, Vice-President, President 1980-1984
Professional memberships:  KCRA, NCRA
Anything you would like to add about yourself:   Work hard; have fun; make a difference.

Name:  Brandy Trible
Certifications:  CCR
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Secretary
City:  Wichita
Current employment:   Official 18th Judicial District
Prior board experience, if any:   Board member - two years
Professional memberships:    KCRA, NCRA

Mary Kay Howe, CSR, RPR, RMR  (Treasurer)

I began my career as a court reporter in December of 1975, having graduated from Brown Mackie Business School in October of 1975.  My first job was at the Wyandotte County courthouse for about 9 months.  Following that, I took my second position in Douglas County, Lawrence, Kansas, and have been there ever since, 43 years.  I have served on the board and up the Officer chain in the late 80’s and was President in 1990.  I have been a member of KCRA for all those years.  I am currently the Treasurer of KCRA and have been for several years. 

I come from a family of court reporters:  2 sisters, Vesta York and Sue Hastings; a daughter, Miranda Cummings; and a daughter-in-law, Sarah Davison.  As you can imagine, our dinner table has a lot of court reporting and case conversations.

I am married to Lee Howe, and between us, we have 5 children, 5 in-law children, and 10 grandchildren that we love dearly.

I still love court reporting and all facets of it.  I hope to continue my service as Treasurer for this next year.

Jennifer L. Olsen, CSR, RPR, CRI  (Past-President)

I was born on the West Coast and moved with family back to Kansas City in 1969 and have lived in the Midwest ever since.  Post high school and marriage, I attended the Brown Mackie College, OPKS, and graduated in February of 1992.  I became a Registered Professional Reporter in November of 1992 and a Kansas CSR in 1993.  Prior to moving to Topeka, Kansas, in April of 1993, I lived in Raytown, Missouri.  I relocated to Topeka after accepting my first job as a freelance reporter and had the opportunity to work alongside and receive training from some outstanding reporters in Topeka for five years.  In May of 1998, I began working at the Shawnee County Courthouse as an official court reporter and have been there ever since. 

I have enjoyed learning and working on KCRA’s board since approximately 2011, and it has been a pleasure watching so many talented, gifted individuals come together for the benefit of their fellow reporters and this profession.

I am the mother of two adult children, Patrick and Kathleen.  I have one daughter-in-law, Britt, one son-in-law, Tony, three grandsons and one granddaughter; Oliver, Colin, Jake, and Ella, and I feel very fortunate to have the moniker of “grandma.”  I love to cook, read, garden, spend time with family, and keep company with my dogs, Holly and Max.

Name:  Lynelle Gottschalk
Certifications:  CCR, RPR
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Legislative Chair
City:  Ellis, Kansas
Current employment:  Official reporter for the 23rd Judicial District
Prior board experience, if any:  KCRA Secretary 2010-2011; KCRA Vice-President 2011-2013; KCRA President 2013-2014.  Past board member, convention chair, legislative committee and legislative chair. Professional memberships: KCRA and NCRA
Anything you would like to add about yourself:  I just celebrated my 25th anniversary working for the State of Kansas and I continue to love this profession and the challenges it presents.  I’ve spent many years involved with KCRA and love the opportunity to spend time with my “people”.  I hope to continue to serve KCRA in the role of legislative chair.

Meghan Rogers, CCR (Legislative Committee)

I have been a reporter in Shawnee County since September, 2016.  I’ve worked for Judge Anderson and Judge Hendricks, though I cover for all the Judges as needed.  I love this career and all the interesting things I get to hear.   I have a great group of other court reporters that I get to work with every day.

I am married with 3 children and live in Lawrence, Kansas.

Johanna Lynch, CCR (Director)

Johanna has been a court reporter in Shawnee County since October of 2016.  She graduated from the Kansas Voice Writing Institute also in 2016.  Before becoming a court reporter, Johanna was a hair stylist for twelve years and had her own business for six.  She has also worked at Kansas Legal Services as a secretary.  Johanna has a girl and two boys, eighteen, fourteen, and ten.  She has resided in Shawnee County for thirty-nine years.

  Robin J. Schuyler

Certifications:  CSR, RPR
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Director
City: Topeka
Current Employment:  Freelance, Willard & Schuyler Reporting
Prior Board Experience: None
Professional Memberships:  KCRA, NCRA

Name: Bradley R. Sherffius
Certifications:  Kansas Certified Shorthand Reporter
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Director
City:  Atchison
Current employment:  Official – First Judicial District
Prior board experience, if any:  Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Director
Professional memberships:  Kansas Court Reporters Association
Anything you would like to add about yourself:  63 years old, husband, father, and grandfather – been an official nearly 44 years – I would be proud and honored to serve another term as director.

Name:   Janene H. Thibault
Certifications:  Kansas Certified Shorthand Reporter, Missouri Certified Court Reporter, NCRA Registered Professional Reporter
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Director
City:  Lenexa, KS
Current Employment:   Freelance – Metropolitan Court Reporters, Inc.
Prior Board experience, if any:  Past President, Vice-President, Secretary,  and Director
Professional memberships:  Kansas Court Reporters Association, Missouri Court Reporters Association and National Court Reporters Association
Awards:  KCRA Distinguished Member Award 2013
Anything you would like to add about yourself:  Have been a freelance reporter for my entire 37-year career.    Started Metropolitan Court Reporters in 1988 and still own the business today.   Married for 32 years and have a grown daughter who is also married.   No grandchildren yet, but do have a grandpuppy!  I have always found it important to our profession to volunteer and stay active in KCRA.   It would be my pleasure and honor to serve on the Board if the membership sees fit to elect me.

Name:  Deanna Warner
Certifications:  CSR
KCRA Nomination Office/Position:  Director
City:  Topeka
Current employment:  Official in the Second Judicial District in Oskaloosa
Prior board experience, if any:  Been on the board the past two years
Professional memberships:  Member of NCRA, KCRA, Maryland Court Reporters Association, was a member of Delaware Court Reporters Association before it broke up

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