Another year has passed with many exciting memories and accomplishments on behalf of the court reporters in Kansas.  Here is a brief overview of events as it relates to KCRA from June 2017 until now:  Convention 2017 in Topeka, KCRA representation at the NCRA Annual Convention in Las Vegas, ongoing preparation for KCRA’s annual convention 2018 in Manhattan, Kansas, KCRA’s Fall Board Meeting in Johnson County, Kansas, as well as continued legislative representation by Steve Kearney, Lynelle Gottschalk, Miranda Cummings, and Connie Uphaus.   Our president, Danielle Murray, has been a steady, supportive, knowledgeable guide for all of us.  We appreciate her strengths, talents, and determined spirit. 

At this time, we are excited to have the opportunity to ask our membership for nominations  for the 2018 Distinguished Member Award.  There are a few guidelines listed below that we would ask you to follow.  Please include a letter of recommendation and your thoughts on why this nominee should be chosen to receive the Distinguished Member Award.  The following are a list of qualifications represented by this award. (KCRA Policy and Procedures Manual)

(3)  Bestow the Distinguished Member Award upon a person who possesses exceptional qualifications and experience in the field of verbatim reporting, while contributing in a meritorious manner to the welfare of the profession in at least two of the following categories:

a)  Served with active participation on committees and/or on the Board of Directors of a state or national association.
b)  Contributed to the profession in areas of teaching, editing of publications, or other contributions which have been designed for       the advancement of verbatim reporting.
c)  Authored books, papers, or other written material dealing with the verbatim reporting profession.
d)  Presented or assisted with seminars having received the approval of a state or national association for continuing education           points.
e)  Aided in the advancement of the profession by working in liaison with the Bar, the media, judicial groups, and/or educational           institutions.

Please send all nominations by March 15, 2018 to:    Jen Olsen, DMA Committee         

*** Email with attached Word or PDF                          jenolsenrpr@gmail.com
     document is preferred                                        or jolsen@shawneecourt.org

Thank you!
Jen Olsen - VP


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