Court Reporters

From: Helen Pedigo [mailto:Pedigoh@kscourts.org]
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 8:51 AM

Good morning,

 Thanks to you, the initiative to raise compensation for judicial branch personnel remains alive in the Legislature. As we near the end of the 2017 session, I want to thank you for your efforts.

  We are at the point to make a final push to contact House Appropriations members about the need for increased compensation within the judicial branch. Messaging ideas are included below. Our goal is to keep funding in the budget for increased compensation to the judicial branch.

 Please make these contacts on your own time using your own equipment. 

 Email communication is best. Most legislators have portable devices to receive email. Phone contact is difficult as office assistants for most legislators have been sent home.   

Do not use "cookie-cutter" language. Use your own words to describe your story. Make sure you mention you are a constituent.

 If you already contacted these legislators earlier this session, please send a simple follow-up note to remind them you've written before, that you would appreciate their vote supporting funding for increased compensation for judicial branch salaries, and that you will be following the issue and their vote.

 I suggest individualizing your message to something similar to the following:

 1. Thank you for including judicial branch employees in the $6 million salary increase and the approximately $840,000 in new positions passed by the House Appropriations Committee. I appreciate your action during this time of economic challenge.

2. However, the recent judicial branch salary study indicates that a significant need remains to increase judicial branch employee and judge compensation to market rates.    

3. We greatly appreciate your action to bring judicial branch employee and judge salaries closer to that rate.

Please contact me if you have questions. Thanks for all you do. - Helen