Court Reporters

Debi Patzner's Retirement & DMA

KCRA board members celebrate Debi's retirement & Distinguished Member Award

NCRA Legislative Boot Camp 2016
KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen and Dani Murray in front of the United States Supreme Court

CR&C Week Proclamation
The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners issued a similar proclamation.

CRC Week at the Capitol in Topeka
KCRA Members with our Lobbyist hosting a legislative reception at the Celtic Fox

KCRA Fall Board Meeting 2016
Maria Taylor, Dani Murray, Jennifer Olsen,
Cindy Isaacsen, Mary Kay Howe, Lori Byrd,
‚ÄčKelly Rexroat, and Jennifer Oliver

KCRA Annual Convention 2016 -- VHP
Jennifer Oliver taking down the statements of WWII veteran Charles Chauncey who was being interviewed by Chief Justice Lawton Nuss

CR&C Week Proclamation
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback issued a proclamation declaring February 14-20, 2016, as Court Reporting & Captioning Week.

NCRA Speed Contest Participants 2016
Darci Cruz, Kim Greiner, and Jennifer Oliver

Featured Pictures

NCRA Bootcamp 2015

Vice President Lori Byrd with NCRA President Steve Zinone and KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen

TechKan 2015

Presenters Sharon Cahill, Kim Greiner, Debbie Oakleaf, Darci Cruz, and Chuck Motter

NCRA Legislative Boot Camp 2016
Cindy and Dani with NCRA Board Member, Linda McSwain, who will be at our convention.

NCRA Convention 2015 NYC
Kansas reporters with KCRA member, Mary Kay Howe, who presented at an NCRA seminar

Legislative Collaboration
KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen and Vice President Lori Byrd were invited to a legislative collaboration in Topeka on January 7, 2016.

Supreme Court Presentation

Mary Kay Howe, Darci Cruz, Lori Byrd, Jen Olsen, Cindy Isaacsen, Lynelle Gottschalk, and Sheila Lyons

Student Affairs Committee
Cindy Isaacsen and Dani Murray attend Olathe Public Schools Career Fair

Court Reporting & Captioning Week
Signs displayed on the Johnson County Courthouse courtyard

News Reporter & Court Reporter
KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen giving KSHB's Alyson Bruner a quick steno tutorial

Court Reporting & Captioning Week
KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen and Dani Murray pose with Cindy's collection of antique steno machines on display at the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners meeting on February 11, 2016.