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Court Reporting School Receives Official Recognition

Miranda Cummings started the Voice Writing Institute in March, 2016. This past August, the Kansas Board of Regents recognized the Institute as a licensed post-secondary school. They commended Miranda for having “a detailed and impressive curriculum, one that sets a high standard of learning.” This is a monumental accomplishment because there are few schools like the Institute. Miranda commented, “This state, as do many other states, needs more court reporters in a desperate way.”

The program typically lasts between 9-12 months and covers a range of topics including technology, terminology and different phases of transcription followed by a 40 hour internship with a licensed reporter. The school has seen recent graduates (Paula Lunnon, Latoya Tyree, Julie Beach and Meghan Rogers) take vacancies with our Court. There are several other students nearing graduation. Upon receiving their Certificate of Completion, students can sit for the Kansas Certified Court Reporting Examination.

-- Compliments of the 3rd Judicial District's Quarterly Newsletter

Letter from the President:
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KCRA President Cindy Isaacsen & Dani Murray, both Johnson County Official Court Reporters, appear on the KC Live morning show to celebrate Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2016.